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Umeschandra College


ACCREDITED BY NAAC at the "B" level (FEBRUARY 2005)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Right to Information (RTI)

The Right of Information Act, 2005 intends in maintaining the transparency and accountability of information, a fundamental Right, towards its citizen, which is a vital policy for neat governance. The act mandates the “Public Authority”, under the Government of India as well as the State Government for timely response about the working of such authority towards the appellant.

Umeshchandra College, under University of Calcutta, being a responsible institution believes and ensures the promotion of the policy.


Principal Ex- officio
Prof. Indrajit Acharya Convener
Dr. Rama Nag (De) Coordinator IQAC & Associate Professor
Prof. Srotoswini Dey Assistant Professor in English
Shri Avijit Patra Head - Clerk
Shri. Shubhendu Chakraborty Clerk
Shri. Debasis Basu Clerk


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