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Umeschandra College


ACCREDITED BY NAAC at the "B" level (FEBRUARY 2005)
Affiliated to University of Calcutta



Objective of SC, ST, OBC, Minority Cell Committee:


The SC, ST, OBC, Minority, and Equal Opportunity Cell Committee of Umesh Chandra College has a set of clear objectives that guide its work. These objectives are designed to promote inclusivity, eliminate discrimination, and ensure equal access to educational resources and opportunities for all members of the college community. The primary objectives of the committee include:

  • Promoting Inclusivity: To foster an inclusive educational environment where students and staff from diverse backgrounds, including Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), and Minority communities, feel welcome and valued.
  • Eliminating Discrimination: To work towards the elimination of discrimination, bias, and prejudice within the college, ensuring that no individual is disadvantaged or mistreated based on their social or ethnic background.
  • Supporting Marginalized Communities: To provide support, guidance, and assistance to students and staff belonging to SC, ST, OBC, and Minority communities, addressing their specific needs and concerns related to academics, career development, and personal well-being.
  • Creating Awareness: To organize awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops, and training programs that sensitize the college community to the challenges and issues faced by marginalized groups, promoting a culture of respect, empathy, and social responsibility.