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Session 2022-23
Intellectual Property Rights Issues and Challenges in Higher Education Download
Ethical Consideration in Research and Environment Download
Recent Development in Corporate Report in India Download
Symposium on Necessity of Value Education Download
Introduction of Statistics in Probabilistic Approach and Study of Memory Effect Through the Eye of Fractional Calculus in Prey Predatory Model Download
Seminar on Cutting edge Career in 21st Century Download
Digital Education and Blend Mode of Education with Emphasis on Students Participation Download
New B.Com Curricula and Syllabi under NEP Download
New Education Policy Insight and Implementation Download
Report on National Education Policy Download
Session 2021-22
A Colloquium On Gender Equality In HEIs Download
Mindfulness: Gateway To Wellbeing and Managing Stress Download
One Day National Seminar On Environmental Ethics Download
Symposium On Necessity Of Value Education Download
One Day National Webinar on ELT and Communicative English Download
Open Educational Resources used in Academic Library With Special References To Academic Libraries In Bangladesh Download
Session 2020-21
Online Faculty Knowledge Sharing Programme Download
Role of College Libraries in Virtual Learning Ecosystem Download
"Road to B - School" Download
Session 2019-20
Research Ethics Download
State Level Seminar On Significance of Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Education Download
Session 2018-19
G. D. Roy Memorial Lecture and Annual Seminar on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Banking and Financial Services Download
State Level Seminar On Current Issues In Intellectual Property Rights In India Download
Session 2017-18
Human Rights and Health Awareness Download