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IQAC Seminar/ Workshops/ Program


In educational institutions of all levels, the primary aim of the educators is to promote student learning, bring about improvements in teaching-learning methods and instructional strategies and lead to up-gradation of the overall system of education. In understanding more about the advantages, feature and characteristics of seminars and workshops, the following points depict the importance of seminars and workshops for students in higher education.

  1. Seminars improve the confidence among the individual. Far from the textbooks and academic syllabuses, students do a lot of research work to gather information and in the process read and get to understand concepts.  Students are updated with the knowledge and at the same time gain confidence about the subject. Seminars will help the students to assess themselves and improve in the areas in which they were lacking.
  2. Seminar helps students to improve their Communication Skills. There are many students who have the knowledge but do not get a platform. Seminars and workshops fill this gap and also provide them the much needed arena to showcase talent. It boosts their confidence and communication skills.
  3. Seminars give students intensive exposure through presentations and discussions to a topic led by multiple experts.
  4. Networking is an important part of any individual life. In workshops students and teachers from different institutions take part. Meeting new people and making new friends can help the students to take guidance and encourage new way of thinking.