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Umeschandra College


Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Student Activity

The students at Umeschandra College are actively engaged in extracurricular activities throughout the year.Students have strong representation across all cultural, sports, and games committees, and they assist in the organisation and management of events.

Freshers Welcome

Every new academic session, senior students organise a big welcome programme for new entrants, in which both groups engage with great enthusiasm and amity

Annual Sports

Every year, around the months of January and February, annual sports are held. Itis an important aspect of the college’sextra-curricular activities in which a large number of students participate, the day begins with an oath-taking ceremony, followed by the lighting of the lamp. The Chief Guest awards prizes at the end of the day. The Champion's Trophy is awarded to the top performer.

Munshi Premchand

A cultural programme is organised every year to mark the birthday of the celebrated writer Munshi Premchand.It is a week-long affair that is held in two stages i.e.Prelims -wherein students compete in various categories such as Essay-Writing, Singing ,Dancing etc. to secure a place in the final round.-and Finals where the top 16 students across categories  compete for the winning prize. The winners are felicitated on 31stJuly, the birthday of Munshi Premchand by our Honourable Principal

Inter-College Competitions

Students visit other college and institutions to participate in various competitions that are held from time to time. A few notable mentions areBengal Music Fair 2019 (a musical programme organised by the Govt. of West Bengal an initiative to showcase Bengal's musical and cultural heritage to the world, as well as to revive dying folk musical forms from various parts of West Bengal.)Xavotsav 2020


The NSS unit at Umeschandra College has made a significant effort to encourage students to participate actively in the NSS unit's various programmes.Under the direction of the College NSS Unit various initiatives such as Blood donation camps, health checkup camps, social outreach programmes were organised by the college.

  • NSS Day Celebration

    On 24.9.2019, Umeschandra College's Red Ribbon Club hosted a colloquium on "Career Counselling, Motivation, And Personality Development." The goal of this colloquium was to instil self-confidence in the students who will be our country's future human resource. This colloquium aimed to provide them with the necessary guidance in order for them to develop their lives for the betterment of "self," "society," and "nation."

    Dr. Partha Chattapadhyay, a well-known author, counsellor, and motivational speaker, spoke to the students and NSS volunteers. Dr.Chattapadhyay discussed the importance of career counselling as well as the relationship between career and personality. Prof. Basanta Barman, in charge of the unit and the Programme Officer, delivered a speech on the National Service Scheme (NSS) and its importance in shaping the lives of students according to Swami Vivekaknanda's ideals.

  • H.I.V. Awareness Camp

    On 31.3.2018, an HIV awareness camp was hosted by the Umeschandra College NSS unit's Red Ribbon Club. The goal of this medical programme was to educate participants about the disease and how to combat this deadly H.I.V. (AIDS) disease

    Dr. C. C. Pan, a well-known physician in the area, made an informative address about H.I.V. at this awareness camp. Dr. Pan explained how the HIV virus is transferred in our bodies and how it affects our immune system in his talk. He also offered certain preventive steps that would assist us avoid the hazards of this condition.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    A one-day colloquium on "Social Pollution and Mental Hygiene" was heldon March 18, 2019. The goal of this colloquium was to instil in students a sense of social responsibility to keep the environment clean and free of pollutants that harm our mental health. Prof. Prakriti Ranjan Das, associate professor at Umeschandra College's Department of Environmental Studies, was the keynote speaker. According to Prof. Prakriti Ranjan Das, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The principal of our college, Dr. Md. Tofazzal Haque, also addressed the students on the occasion.

  • Special Campaign

    Umeschandra’s College staff and students regularly participate in a social outreach programme under the guidance of the NSS unit. The College provides stationery, sweets, fruits, ration items, and daily necessities among the under privileged slum and footpath dwellers of Kolkata. Further, the NSS Unit also organises tree plantation drives in and around the campus as a part of their green campus initiative.