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Umeschandra College


Affiliated to University of Calcutta


Library Rules

General Rules

  1. Readers are advised to keep their belongings in Property Counter.
  2. Personal books are not allowed in the Library.
  3. Discussions in the Reading Room are not allowed.
  4. Cell Phone must be in silent mode in Reading Room.
  5. Readers should not pile up books and journals on the reading tables.
  6. Readers should take care of their valuables. Library will not be responsible for any loss.

Rules for Issuing of Books

  1. For Students :  Students can borrow only 1 book and 1 Magazine (old) for 7 days
  2. For Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff :   i) UGC Teachers           : 10 books

ii) SACT Teachers          : 06 books
iii) Non-Teaching Staff   : 05 books

Reissue of Books

  1. Students may reissue the book for maximum two times only after 7 days of the return if there is no such demand for the said book.


  1. Rs.1/-per day if the book is returned after due date.
  2. Rs.50/- for two cards if the Library Cards are lost.

Rules for Lost or Spoiled of Borrowed Books

  1. Replace the book (Latest Edition)


  1. Bear the cost of the books of Latest Edition

Library Clearance

  1. It is mandatory for every Library Members to collect his/her Library Clearance Certificate from College Library at the end of his/her final semester (6th Semester).

Rules for Using of Wi-Fi and Printer

  1. Students may avail Wi-Fi facilities inside the Library with the permission of the Librarian.
  2. Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff members may avail the Internet facility and Printing facility with the permission of Principal.