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Umeschandra College


Affiliated to CU since 1961



The Principal invites the co-operation of the Students and their guardians in the creation and the maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to study and cultural development and in upholding the great tradition of the institution. Students are specially invited to cooperate, in their own interest with their elected Class Representative on enforcing the rules regarding discipline.

Admission in every case implies an undertaking on the part of the student to confirm willingly to the rules and discipline of the college.

  1. Students are expected to treat the members of the Staff of all categories and their fellow-students with courtesy both in and out of college.
  2. When assembled every class must consider itself responsible for the conduct of its members.
  3. Students are expected to be in their places when the bell rings at the commencement of every period. They are not to enter or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.
  4. Loitering in the corridor is strictly prohibited.
  5. When a lecturer is absent, or is otherwise unable to take his classes, students should maintain a strict order among themselves so as not to disturb the adjoining classes. Under no circumstances should they leave the class-room without ascertaining the relief arrangement from the Staff room.
  6. Students should not enter the class-room without necessary permission.
  7. Gross misconduct or breach of college discipline will be punished with immediate suspension or expulsion.
  8. Copying or communication with the other students at Examinations and Class Tests and in personation of roll-call will be considered gross misconduct and severely dealt with.
  9. The attention of the student is directed to the following as being serious offences against discipline :
    • Noisy and disorderly conduct inside college premises;
    • Smoking and chewing betel-leaf etc., Pan masala in corridors or classrooms.
    • Repeated branch of rule regarding attendance in tutorials, the use of common room, the museum/commercial laboratory and of library books.
    • Misuse of the college premises or college property.
    • Damaging or defacing college property; If any college property in a classroom is damaged while the class is assembled the loss may be recovered by a fee imposed upon the whole class if the students responsible for such damage cannot be detected.
    • Results of class work. etc, are taken into consideration at the time of promotion or sending up for the University Examinations.