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Umeschandra College


Affiliated to CU since 1961

  • Decency in Dress and decorum in behaviour.
  • Disciplined, focused approach to your life in general and to your studies in particular.
  • Punctuality is be maintained in all matters - specially in Class Attendance and Examination Attendance.
  • Follow the Notice Board daily.
  • Show your Identity Card at the gate when entering the college and always keep it on your person when in college. Exchange or leading of one's identity card is a serious offence.
  • Any kind of violent conduct in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • Ragging in any forms is strictly prohibited in the college.
  • Damaged should not be caused to any college property in any form.
  • College Computer System should not be tampered with in any way.
  • Use of Cell Phone during class hours is punishable.
  • The entire college is "No Smoking Zone". Respect it.
  • Use of drugs/alcohol is strictly prohibited in the College.
  • Bringing outside guests/friends in the college is strictly prohibited.
  • The admission process starts immediately after the declaration of Class XII results of major national Boards and West Bengal Board.
  • The Registration of a student is valid as per CU norms.
  • Admission criteria depend as per Govt. norms and C.U. norms.
  • Access to the Girls' Common Room is strictly reserved to girl students.
  • During College class times, no outdoor games even in small groups, are to be played anywhere in the College premises.
  • No poster is to be posted or fixed with cello tape anywhere on the College walls. For any writing in the walls, strict punishment will be imposed.